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In this section you can read about the ideas and progress of our ESRs. We also share the lifestyle of being a PhD researcher in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility.


Fundamentals of EMI

A basic indroduction to clearly understand the effects created by the electrical and electronic equipments we use on a daily basis. Read more...

Ahmed, 10.05.2020


Ways for measuring data

What about measuring data using a Raspeberry and Picoscope modules? Interesting right? In this post I will share summarize the most important aspects of this project. Read more...

Alexander, 22.05.2020

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash


A Bit Error Ratio Tester (BERT) is used to calculate how a data communication link is affected by sources of interference by finding the ratio of correctly transmitted bits, to incorrectly transmitted
bits.

Angel, 27.05.2020


Further on Fundamentals of EMI.

We live in a world today surrounded by electromagnetic fields. Unseen to our eyes, these fields exists everywhere, from every electronic device we use to all the electrical cables around us. Read more...

Arun, 29.05.2020


Modal Impedances in Automotive Powertrains

The widely spread of information-communication technology (ICT) devices raises a critical issues about conducted electromagnetic interference (EMI) between switching devices and signal transmission. Read more...

Lu, 02.06.2020

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

Differential Mode and Common Mode Conducted Coupling

In the EMC World, there are two common terms that will be found in many EMI discussions or considered as fundamental concepts, those are “differential mode” and “common mode”. Read more.... 

Muhammad, 07.06.2020


How do EMI issues occur?

A brief article about how electromagnetic interference (EMI) can affect several critical systems and some examples of reported issues. Read more...

Francinei, 09.06.2020


Conducted EMI and Power Quality in DC Microgrids 

- With the recent economic feasibility in small scale renewable power generation, electricity now can not only be generated locally but also be shared within a close-knit community Read more...

Arun, 15/08/2020 

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

Why time domain measurements are necessary

With increasing amount of equipment which works in pulse mode and with increasing number the number of unstable interference usual Frequency Domain (FD) measurements.  Read more.... 

Denys, 31/08/2020


Battery Electric Modelling Using Model-Based Design

Electric vehicles (EV) has been received progressively attention in research and development over universities, companies and research institutes... Read more...

Douglas, 31.08.2020


Effects of Random Modulation on the reduction of EMI emissions of a DC-DC Converter

Nowadays, the energy sector is giving much attention to renewable energy sources since they are clean and inexhaustible. However due to their intermittency, they require smart power electronics converters for their sustainable operations... Read more...

Abduselam, 20.09.2020

Photo by Kelli Tungay on Unsplash

System Integration in Smart Cities

A smart city is a configuration to develop, promote and apply sustainable development practices to address growing urbanization challenges, which include a variety of applications in different environments... Read more.... 

Francinei, 07.10.2020

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