Kostic Dusan. I come from Serbia. I was born in Nis in 1994. I started my bachelor studies at Faculty of Electronic Engineering in Nis in 2013 and got my bachelor degree in power engineering in 2017. My bachelor thesis was focused on implementing complete PLC system in an elevator system, along with programming the motor drive and taking the economic aspect into consideration.
I started my master studies in 2017 and got my master degree in 2018, also in power engineering. My master thesis evolved around short circuit analysis in high voltage systems, which I implemented through a practical example.
In 2018 I started a full time job at a firm PSR Engineering Solutions where my job for the next two and half years was scheming and designing relay protection for high voltage plants.

Research in the Etopia project:

Since October 2020 I am a PhD student at ETOPIA project. Focus of my PhD thesis will be battling the higher harmonics in different parts of network using Wavelet transform and Fast Fourier transform.  

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