Our ESRs in the APEMC Conference 2021

ETOPIA Tutorial:

Power Quality and EMC in Transportation and Renewable Energy Systems

Chaired by :

Muhammad Alamsyah, Venkatkumar Muneeswaran


Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Koj, IAV GmbH

Prof. Dave Thomas, University of Nottingham

Prof. Petre-Marian Nicolae, University of Craiova

Prof. Robert Smoleński, University of Zielóna Gora

Monday, 27 September 2021

Abstract :

The rapid increasing of renewable energy sources around the world and its EMC problems are something that can not be separated. Both Low-Frequency conducted and radiated emission research have been conducted due to the problem caused by it. Therefore, there is a strong need to analyze the Renewable Energy Systems in Low-Frequency area in order to comply with the EMC standards. In this Tutorial, the related problems will be presented focusing on conducted interference topic, aiming to get better perspective of understanding the EMC issue in power converters in Renewable Energy systems also covering Aerospace applications, and Automotive vehicle sector.

Agenda :

"Renewable Energy and Automotive EMC – Testing, Standards and Regulations"

Dr.-Ing. Sebastian Koj – Development Engineer EMC and Antenna at IAV GmbH

Methodologies or The Simulation of Conducted Emissions of DC-DC

"Converters For Future Aerospace Applications"

Prof. Dave Thomas – Head of George Green Institute for Electromagnetic Research at

University of Nottingham

"Some problems concerning Power Quality and EMC in Energy Systems Including Renewables"

Prof. Petre-Marian Nicolae – Professor at University of Craiova, Prof. Ileana-Diana

Nicolae -Professor at University of Craiova

"Aggregated Conducted Interference Generated by Power Electronic"

Interfaces in Photovoltaic Power Plant

Prof. Robert Smoleński – Professor at University of Zielóna Gora

ETOPIA Session: Microgrids and Low Frequency EMC

Organizer(s): Arun Dilip Khilnani

Session Chairs: Prof. Flavia Grassi & Prof. Petre-Marian Nicolae



Paper title: "Efficient Time-Domain Multi-Channel Measurements Using a Multi-Axis Antenna for Frequency Range Below 30 MHz"

Denys Pokotilov; Robert Vogt-Ardatjew; Frank Leferink

University of Twente, the Netherlands


Paper title: "EMI Levels Associated with MMC Capacitors Voltage Balancing Techniques"

Amr Madi; Niek Moonen; Robert Smolenski; Douglas Aguiar do Nascimento; Piotr Lezynski; Frank Leferink

University of Zielona Gora, Poland; University of Twente,

The Netherlands


Paper title: "A Simulation for Parameters Extraction of DoubleLayer Shielded Power Cable Using FEA"

Douglas Aguiar do Nascimento; Robert Smolenski; Hermes Loschi; Amr Madi; Muhammad Septian Alamsyah; Francinei L Vieira

University of Zielona Gora, Poland; University of Twente,

The Netherlands; Leibniz University Hannover, Germany


Paper title: "The Influence of the Number of Frequencies and the Frequency Repetitions Rates in Spread Spectrum Sigma-Delta Modulated DC-DC Converters"

Angel Eduardo Pena-Quintal; Karol Niewiadomski; Steve Greedy; Mark Sumner; David Thomas

University of Nottingham 


Paper title: "Limitations in Applying the Existing LISN Topologies for Low Frequency Conducted Emission Measurements and Possible Solution"

Lu Wan; Arun Dilip Khilnani; Abduselam Hamid; Flavia Grassi; Giordano Spadacini; Sergio A Pignari; Mark Sumner; David Thomas

Politecnico di Milano, Italy; University of Nottingham, U.K


Paper title: "Effects of Random Modulation on Powerline Communication System"

Abduselam Hamid; Lu Wan; Waseem Elsayed; Flavia Grassi; Paolo S. Crovetti; Giordano Spadacini; Sergio A Pignari

Politecnico di Milano, Italy; University of Zielona Gora, Poland; University of Twente, The Netherlands; Politecnico di Torino, Italy


Paper title: "About the Distorting Regime Induced by an Electronic Induction Heating System"

Adrian Hurezeanu; Iurie Nuca; Ileana-Diana Nicolae; Lucian-Cristian Scarlatescu; Petre Marian Nicolae

University of Craiova, Romania

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