My experience as an ESR in the Etopia Project. 

Memories of a mexican student in Nottingham.

It's been more than a year since I started my PhD in Nottingham, UK. Despite the current situation caused by Covid-19, I think it has been an amazing experience.

Coming from Mexico, specifically from the Peninsula of Yucatan it can be difficult to get used to the British weather. In my hometown, the temperature is usually ranging from 25-40 degrees in winter so as you can imagine the winter is a bit different here. The picture below shows the center/downtown of the city. 


The center/downtown of Merida.

During my PhD course, I have learned a lot about Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) topics, it is interesting how important is to take into consideration the effects of electromagnetic emissions even in the most common situations. Now, with a solid foundation on these topics I can understand that the design in EMC/EMI can be challenging and must be analysed deeply. We need to take into consideration every aspect that can affect a certain system (for example a power converter). The modulation, the cabling, the PCB design, and plenty of other things account for a good design and low values of undesired emissions.

It's not my intention in this blog to write only about EMC, instead I would like to talk about my experience as someone who has the privilege to work in this project funded by the European Commission. Currently, I participated in 1 conference with 2 papers published. This is one of most important tasks to do as an Early-Stage Researcher (ESR) in this project. I have attended to many workshops given by ESRs of different projects and see what other people are doing. It is amazing to see the projects and ideas of other people. In one workshop a speaker provided a different approach for my own research, which I think is something wonderful. 

I have recently participated in a pre-recruitment event for a new project, ETUT is a project that will be addressing many problems regarding EMI and Power Electronics in the transport sector. The event was on January 27th. I was eager to share my experience to encourage more people to be involved in these kinds of projects. Participate in outreach activities is something important to demonstrate that we are able to share our knowledge, but more important is to spread the idea of doing research in state-of-the-art projects that can have great impact for the society. This is one of the main aims of the European Commission and the MSCA scheme. 


Sharing my experience with ESRs of different projects.

Another important topic I would like to talk about is the possibility of meeting people all over the world, make friends here is amazing. I can say that having the point of view of people with a different culture enrich my own culture.

So far, my experience has been amazing. Nottingham is a peaceful city in which there are many activities to do. Well, before Covid 19, but still it is a beautiful place to live and the University of Nottingham is an amazing place to study a postgraduate course. 

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